It’s rare that a week passes in Colorado without some major development arising in the world of marijuana. The latest news centers around Tony Villani, the Clear Creek High School teacher and football coach in Idaho Springs whose career came to a halt after he was charged with two misdemeanors: possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and consumption/display of marijuana on school grounds. Why should you care? Villani has documents proving he’s a medical marijuana patient, according to 9News, in a story sure to stoke the concerns of other patients wondering if they can use their prescribed pot while on the job. By the way, there are now more people waiting to receive medical marijuana cards than those who currently have them, reports 9News in a separate article that notes a growing backlog in approvals. Fort Collins journalist Greg Campbell recently traveled to the Medical Marijuana Education Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where he found many attendees “weighing the chance to follow the green rush east to the Rockies, while the industry is still embryonic and evolving” (via The Huffington Post). Meanwhile, Leadville and Aspen could soon join Breckenridge and Denver in decriminalizing possession of small amounts of pot for adults over 21 (via the Associated Press).