Hillary and Bill Clinton will be in Aspen this weekend. Hillary will be fund-raising for her presidential campaign while Bill will be speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

For $1,000, you can meet Hillary and hear her speak at the Belly Up. For $2,300, you can do the same at the restaurant Matsuhisa.

While Bill joined Hillary for the first time on the campaign trail in Iowa this week, their Aspen appearances are being characterized as separate.

If you’d like to attend, here are the details:

For information on the cocktail party, contact Michael Goldberg at 970-948-0070 or e-mail him at mag-at-aerolease.com.

For information on the dinner, contact Yael Ouzillou at 512-440-8791 or e-mail him at YOuzillou-at-hillaryclinton.com.