Oh, come all ye faithful? The City and County of Denver yesterday issued a parade permit to a group of Hillary Clinton backers for Tuesday, August 26, according to the Rocky Mountain News.

Hillary Clinton supporters will march through Denver during the Democratic National Convention to show appreciation for the New York senator’s historic primary run and urge the party to place her name in nomination. The city issued a permit Tuesday to Colorado Women Count/Women Vote for a parade on Aug. 26 – the 88th anniversary of women’s suffrage and the date Clinton is rumored to be speaking at the DNC.

Also participating: “18 Million Voices, a national organization of Clinton supporters.” Hillary supporters, who will be arriving by buses from all over the country, have a place of their own to gather:

They are …. setting up a headquarters at The Broker restaurant downtown, where people can “check-in” when they arrive in town.

Will Hillary be there? Supporters hope she will make an appearance, but she is attending the Emily’s List Gala with Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Obama Tuesday at 2pm. As for putting Hillary’s name on the ballot, here’s why it won’t happen.

[The candidate] must submit a request in writing to be nominated at the convention. According to published reports, Clinton has decided against doing so and has been urging her delegates to vote for Obama.

Parade organizers say they won’t be criticizing Obama or supporting McCain:

“We’re keeping it positive,” she said. “It’s a way of saying ‘Thank you Hillary, we appreciate what you’ve done.’ “