Last year, Damien Hirst, regarded as a father of Britart, had a sculpture made up of pills, called “Lullaby Spring,” sell at auction for 9.65 million pounds, an incredible feat for the work of an artist who isn’t yet dead.

However, the 43-year-old, whose works are now on display at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, admits the art market is overpriced these days, according to Britain’s Independent. Given the recession, Hirst is welcoming the prospect that his work will sell for a bit less. It turns out his painting of four skulls, “Beautiful Artemis Thor Neptune Odin Delusional Sapphic Inspirational Hypnosis Painting,” valued at $3 million, didn’t sell at a New York auction last week.

Hirst’s place in the world beyond the contemporary art niche “remains hotly debated,” according to The Denver Post. And his Denver showing, which includes animals preserved in formaldehyde, raises “ethical concerns” for a Westword critic.