If sweat isn’t enough to prove a good workout, TrainingPeaks offers a way for the fitness-obsessed to get detailed rundowns of their athletic feats. The Lafayette-based company serves pro athletes and recreational gym rats alike with play-by-plays of their performances—everything from lap split times to creating a workout schedule.

Here’s how it works: Sync almost any monitoring device (like a Timex heart-rate monitor) with the program (the basic consumer plan is free); do your running intervals; then log on to trainingpeaks.com and instantly see your metrics.

Eight Tour de France teams used TrainingPeaks’ data analysis to monitor and improve their performance, and the application will be the official stats and analysis partner for this month’s USA Pro Cycling Challenge. “Fans can see exactly how hard it was to climb up Independence Pass,” CEO Gear Fisher says. “We are helping people learn more about what athletes are capable of.”