Leroux Creek Vineyards in Hotchkiss took home a Double Gold Medal in the Colorado Mountain Winefest for its Après Vous, a delicious port-style dessert wine. Made from French hybrid Chambourcin grapes, the wine is deep cherry in color, smells of dark plums and boysenberry, and is slightly sweet, but not overbearing like many ports.

Thinking it would provide a luxurious finish to the Thanksgiving meal, we taste-tested the Après Vous with several favorites and came up with recommendations to satisfy a fickle range of dessert lovers:

For foodies: Serve with a mixed plate of Stilton cheese, dark chocolate (no more than 70 percent cocoa), and dried cherries. The rich, tangy cheese is nicely offset by the dark fruit of the wine, which also stands up to the chocolate.

For traditionalists: Serve with a warm slice of cherry pie. The sweet fruit of each nicely complements the other.

For chocoholics: Serve with a thick slice of frosted chocolate cake. The lingering finish of the wine takes the edge off the cake.

For those who can’t possibly eat another bite after the main course: The Après Vous is gorgeous and satisfying on its own. Serve straight up in a sherry glass.

Leroux Creek Vineyards, 970-872-4746