Growing Knowledge

Houseplants (that heal!) at a new “living apothecary.”

For Lynn Flanagan-Till, owner of Rosehouse, houseplants are much more than home decor—they’re also healing agents. So when the local herbalist opened her shop on South Broadway in February, she set out to create a space where visitors could learn how to take better care of their greenery and themselves. Whether you’re looking for flora to help you sleep (try snake plant by your bed) or need some energizing vitamin C (make a tea out of rose hips), the green thumbs at Rosehouse will guide you. And since the store also houses the new lab space for Flanagan-Till’s other venture, skincare brand R.L. Linden & Co., shoppers can stock up on locally crafted herbal beauty products to take their plant-based self-care one step further. (We love the hydrating Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist toner.) If you’re less interested in folk medicine and more concerned about just keeping plants alive, Rosehouse employees are happy to recommend low-maintenance specimens and share their tips for helping them thrive. 14 S. Broadway, 720-572-7183

Natural Talent

Plant-inspired wall art with a vintage twist.

The fantastic flora Marsha Robinson features in her intricate art can’t be found in any botany textbook. To make the elegant home goods for her online shop Strange Dirt (named after the soil she imagines her made-up flowers grow in), Robinson starts by crafting unique drawings of plant life. In each sketch she develops an intriguing contrast by mixing the sharp angles of Art Deco–esque geometric patterns with the soft curves of petals and leaves. The resulting cotton-sateen tapestries and giclée prints look vintage enough that they could have graced the walls of Daisy Buchanan’s mansion—but with a modern spin to complement the rest of your living room decor.

New & Locally Made

Amp up your dining table’s style—simply.

Courtesy of Deny Designs

Impress guests with more than your cooking by snagging a new, eye-catching Deny Designs table runner ($59). With hundreds of playful patterns to choose from, finding one to match your tablescape (and personal style) is easy. And because all the runners are machine-washable, they make post-party clean-up a cinch. 3890 S. Windermere St., Englewood, 800-973-6091