Looks like I’m soon to be homeless. I’m sure we’ll be able to stay off the streets, but we will definitely need to find a short-term rental, or take up my in-laws offer and shack up with hubby’s ‘rents for a few weeks. Ugh. Moving sucks. House hunting sucks. And the whole inspection process? Truly a buzz kill. Now that our soon-to-be former house has passed its inspections and things are rolling along smoothly on the sale, we’re in major home replacement mode. We thought we found the perfect place, too. But then our “dream house” turned out to be a raging bummer yesterday, when our own inspections turned up major issues. We heard the words “structural engineer” and “possible break in the sewer line” and turned tail, cancelled our offer, and ran away. So. Now we are back to square one, house hunting as quickly as possible. The sooner we find a place and make an offer, the sooner we can close, and thus limit the time spent renting a crummy apartment and/or shacking with the parents. (Love the parents, by the way, but let’s be realistic. We are far too old to be moving back in with Mom and Dad for more than a couple weeks.) Hubby had an interesting observation about this crazed home-buying frenzy: we spent much more time choosing our last vehicle than we’ll end up spending on the single most expensive thing we own. Maybe… we should take the rental apartment and slow this process down. Then again, we just want to find a place to call home.