Reading can be an enlightening experience, in part because there is joy in discovery. The online community and initiative Hometown Reads, a division of digital marketing agency Weaving Influence, supports a read local movement in more than 40 cities by helping book lovers discover authors in their communities.

The Denver section of the site launched early this year, and contains books in genres ranging from health and fitness to fantasy. “From Denver’s rich history to their diverse population, we knew that Denver would bring some amazing books, and even more amazing authors to our site,” says Kristin Elliott, project manager for Hometown Reads and social media specialist for Weaving Influence.

The service offers a unique opportunity for both authors and readers. While book lovers can discover new works, local writers can build their network and connect with their community. “Authors spend months, even years crafting the perfect manuscript,” says Chris Edmonds, a featured Denver author in a press release. “Once the book is published, nobody knows the book is available. There are 11,000 business books published each year. How can my book stand out?”

In the age of Amazon, answering Edmond’s question is essential. By introducing authors into a loud market this way, they can more easily reach their readers.

“The Denver market of authors was one of our more enthusiastic, involved groups,” says Elliott. “Through our interactions with them, it was clear that they had plenty of energy and excitement, not only about their own books, but having a page on the site that showcased the hidden treasures in Denver.”

The Denver page was so successful in the first few weeks that the company has already given Boulder authors their own space. For further proof of the Front Range’s robust literary works, check out our Colorado Bookshelf column.

Authors can sign up to participate in the program at