According to 9News, the top-ranking law enforcement officer at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, or CBI, was arrested for shoplifting. Pete Mang was arrested on July 8 at the Sportsman Warehouse in Aurora for stealing fishing flies.

The Aurora police report states that a store security video camera captured Mang stealing fishing flies and store security officers were “very shocked because the man was so well-dressed.” The report goes on to say security officers “watched the male put the (fishing) flies in his front left pants pocket.” When the security officers “advised Mang that they have him on tape stealing he told them,” ‘it was a stupid mistake,'” the report says. The total value of the fishing flies was “$12.87.” Mang is a long-time employee of the CBI who is in charge of criminal investigations and the laboratory at the agency.

Mang said that stealing the fishing flies was a “stupid mistake,” but it isn’t nearly as dumb as putting the flies in his front pants pocket. There are several locations on the male body that you would not want to be near a large fishing hook, and the area surrounding your front pockets should be high on that list.