Bus driver Jim Moffett probably never thought he’d get a ticket after saving three lives on Friday night. As two elderly women exited his Regional Transportation District bus at Federal Boulevard and 62nd Avenue to get to their trailer home, Moffett and another passenger tried to slow traffic to help them cross the rough stretch of road during the light snowstorm. A pick-up truck driver, though, just couldn’t wait, and sped around. Moffett pushed the ladies and passenger out of the way in time, but couldn’t help himself, according to the Rocky Mountain News. Now he’s in St. Anthony Central Medical Center with bleeding in the brain, broken bones in his face, a dislocated shoulder, a possible ruptured spleen and liver–the list goes on. Moffett also got a jaywalking ticket from the Colorado State Patrol. Ken McDonald tells 9News his stepfather doesn’t deserve the ticket. But Trooper Ryan Sullivan, of the Colorado State Patrol, isn’t backing down: “We don’t ever want to see tragedies like this happen. That is why we can’t stress enough for people to be careful and always use crosswalks.”