In the last year, the price of cotton has risen by 119 percent, and wool is up by as much as 40 percent. That’s encouraging news for the state’s sheep ranchers, who claim a $100 million share of the industry, reports 9News, pointing out that “Colorado is one of the top sheep-producing states in the nation.” Peter Orwick, a representative from the American Sheep Industry, reveals one of the reasons for wool’s price jump. “You’ve ever heard of Uggs? The popular boots are made from sheepskin and wool.” But sheep aren’t the only livestock in the spotlight this year. The price of beef may go up by about 10 percent, 9News notes in a separate article. As cattle salesman Larry Cotton says, “We’re doing better this year than we have in the last four or five years.”

Meanwhile, The Denver Post’s Bill Husted talks with cowboy Josh Peek, the timed event world champion from Pueblo, who says he originally wanted to be a basketball player. Peek offers some advice to those interested in rodeo competition: “If you’re a first-timer, you’re going to see one of the hardest sports on the planet because there are so many adversities you’re dealing with. Animals you can’t control on several different terrains. You’re talking about dirt, rocks; nothing is level; nothing is flat. It’s not a prepared field like a basketball court. There are lots of opportunities for injuries. You’re going to see a way of life.”