Boulder’s Two Spoons sandwich and gelato spot has recently upped the ante on its breakfast eats, as well as the gourmet oatmeal trend. The cafe, which previously poured mostly coffee during its morning hours, now lays out a hot cereal bar until 10:30 a.m. daily. The bar begins with a nutty cracked-wheat cereal and ends with a varied spread of toppings: dried raisins and cranberries, walnuts, aged Gouda, agave syrup, dark brown sugar, and cinnamon. In between are piping pots of delicate brown-rice porridge, creamy steel-cut oats, and chili-flavored grits. When I dropped in last week, I opted (after trying, and liking, all the selections) for the steel-cut oats. No, not the most adventurous choice, but Two Spoons’ organic agave and maple syrup have just the right sweetness and density to be an ideal base for the dried berries I love. Besides, I had to see if a bowl of the traditional stuff could hold its own in the quickly developing oatmeal market. Watch out, quick-cooked oat. 1021 Pearl St., Boulder; 303-545-0027