A nine-month-old baby girl, blanketed in her car-safety seat, went on an unexpected two-mile ride courtesy of Excalibur Recovery on Monday night, when the tow-truck company hauled away mommy’s car, taking baby and all to an impound lot near 39th Street and Wynkoop Avenue. Once there, an hour and a half lapsed before the company received a call from the mother alerting them that the baby was in the backseat (via 9News). Fortunately, the child was fine, sucking on a bottle when found. The mother’s name has not been released, and although Denver police officers returned the baby to her, they are investigating whether charges are appropriate.

Westword identifies a couple critical, and obvious, questions: “Why didn’t the tow-truck operator notice? And why was the child left alone in the first place?” The case has been assigned to the Missing and Exploited Persons Unit.