If you follow comments posted to the 7News and 9News websites, you may have noticed some of the various rants by Jeff Egnor. Posing as “Abu Mybutt,” Egnor remarked on many topics, including the repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ban on soldiers serving openly in the military. “New miltary [sic] slogans,” he wrote, proposing, “The few, the queer, the Marines! Butt Rangers lead the way! Be as gay as you can be! Aim for a high hard one, Air Force! Join the Navy, see naked men!”

He also attacked liberals and immigrants, commenting after one article, “I have an immigration policy: 12 gauge shotgun! Obviously this loser can’t shoot straight if this woman was able to run out of the house. What an idiot. Just shoot yourself and save the taxpayers the expense. I hope the cops don’t have to shoot him cause all you liberal bed wetters will cry ‘police brutality’! LIBERALS are the problem with this country!”

Such diatribes may be de rigueur on the Internet, but Egnor was a lieutenant with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office who made the mistake of posting the comments from a government computer. He resigned from his position this week as the comments were being investigated, writes 7News. Undersheriff Tony Spurlock says such behavior isn’t tolerated in the workplace: “Our message is while you’re here we want you to do your job and serve the community the very best that you can. If you have concerns politically, what happens in the world, you have to do it in an appropriate way and not relate it to this county sheriff’s office.” The Denver Post points out “the allegations are not criminal in nature.”