Nancy Marks, a 54-year-old self-described psychic jailed for scamming tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars out of her customers, sounds, well…a bit psychotic in local news reports. Either that or she’s a master manipulator. For instance, Marks, of Lafayette, told one alleged victim, who gave Marks about $50,000 in cash and credit charges, that “anything with the number six in it is bad” and “money is evil and not good,” according to Boulder’s Daily Camera. Another alleged victim, who met Marks in 2007, when Marks lived in Loveland, gave some $240,000 from bank accounts, credit cards, gift cards, retirement funding, and family money for Marks’ psychic services. When the woman resisted Marks’ requests for more money, the psychic became angry and said she could not be responsible for the bad stuff that was going to happen, according to a warrant. Marks appeared in a Boulder County courtroom yesterday, and by the end of the week prosecutors are expected to charge her with two counts of felony theft and one count of criminal impersonation, reports 9News. Her bond is set at $250,000.