Last week, U.S. Forest Service ranger Brent Botts was trying to piece together the story of how and why a South American llama was roaming Pikes Peak, doing odd things, such as trying to make friends with a herd of bighorn sheep. Now, the mystery behind the baby llama’s wanderings on the mountain for more than a month appears to be solved. The llama, named “Homer,” is the victim of mountain lion trauma, according to his owner, Theresa Kabot, who came forward amid press reports about the llama (via the Colorado Springs Gazette). Homer’s mother was killed August 14 by a mountain lion, and Kabot thought Homer might have been killed, too. But now it’s clear Homer scurried off into the hills, where he charmed passengers of the mountain’s cog railway. At the moment, the llama is staying with llama rescuer Tracy Ducharme while Kabot is on business in Seattle. The next step is a reunion. “He’s had such a traumatic time, it feels great to have him so safe and happy,” Ducharme says. “It really feels like he’s home safe now.”