Abby, a 7-year-old beagle, wagged her tail and barked, seeming to understand what a spokesman for the Dumb Friends League of Denver was telling her. You’re going home, Abby, Sean Lehman told the dog at Denver International Airport. Abby went missing three years ago, when her owner, at the time living in Alabama, was visiting Denver. Abby somehow carved out an existence, although nobody knows exactly how, according to The Denver Post. On May 13, the pooch was found on the streets of Parker and picked up by a passer-by. Luckily Abby had a microchip embedded in her skin. When she was scanned, the Dumb Friends League was able to locate her owner, now living in Louisville, Kentucky, writes the Denver Daily News. “Microchipping doesn’t locate every animal, but it keeps hope alive and does make miracles like this happen,” Lehman says. The HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database sent Abby home on a Delta Airlines flight yesterday, reports 9News, in a story with several pictures of Abby.