In classic style, Richard Cress, allegedly a “prolific” Denver purse snatcher, tried to plot his escape at the U.S.-Mexico border. But instead of leaving the country, he tried to get back in—just one misstep in a series of them that led to his arrest—after he was shot (via 7News). Cress, suspected of stealing more than 30 purses from vehicles at gas pumps, was taken into custody in San Diego after failing to provide his identification at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. “He said he didn’t have it in his possession,” says Lieutenant Kevin Rooney of the San Diego police. “The agent instructed the man to pull into the secondary inspection area. Instead, he sped away in his Chevy Tahoe toward the exit lanes on the west side of the port.” Cress, from Thornton, didn’t get far. He hit several cars and a motorcycle and crashed, writes The Denver Post, which notes that Cress was shot in the shoulder and then arraigned on federal assault charges. As for the Tahoe, it seems that was stolen from someone in Colorado Springs, who, if reading this, wants to know one thing: “How bad was the crash?” Answer: Not sure, but it doesn’t sound good.