Groups that provide assistance in Haiti are buckling down for the long haul at the same time they are responding to the emergency in the Caribbean nation. Dr. Douglas Jackson, the president of Colorado-based Project Cure, for instance, says his organization, which takes donated medical supplies to needy clinics around the world, will soon run through its entire supply of bandages in efforts to assist medical workers saving lives after last week’s devastating earthquake (via 9News). “This is a little like a race,” he says. “We’re in a sprint right now, and then we’ll go back to a marathon pace here later on.” Many Coloradans have responded to the tragedy with shoes, shirts, and tents. But such supplies are difficult to deliver, as relief groups in Haiti renew their pleas for cash—not goods—in the short-term, according to 7News. In that spirit, count Longmont’s Left Hand Brewing Company among those to host a fundraiser for Haiti (via Yellow Scene). A representative from local nonprofit “Colorado Haiti Project” will be on hand for the event, which includes a silent auction and $1-per-pint donations.

The Denver Post tells the tale of one Coloradan to emerge from Haiti’s rubble, who arrived back in Denver over the weekend. And some locals are offering long-term suggestions for rebuilding Haiti, including making over its justice system with the help of the United States (via the Post). Meanwhile, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake in northern New Mexico yesterday rattled some southern Colorado residents in Trinidad, notes The Pueblo Chieftain.