The ski town of Breckenridge has voted by a margin of almost three to one to legalize the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana. The ordinance also removes criminal penalties for the possession of bongs, pipes, and other drug paraphernalia, notes 7News. “This vote demonstrates that Breckenridge citizens overwhelmingly believe that adults should not be punished for making the safer choice to use marijuana instead of alcohol,” says Sean McAllister, the Breckenridge attorney who proposed the ordinance. Breck authorities, however, could still enforce state and federal laws that make possession illegal. Meanwhile, voters in Denver overwhelmingly defeated Initiative 300, which would have required police to seize cars from drivers caught without a license—even if they simply left their ID at home (via 9News).

A slew of tax measures were shot down in several cities, including Colorado Springs, where voters seemed unmoved by predictions of big cuts from City Hall. “The message that it sends to me is really that the voters had an opportunity to say to City Council which road they wanted to go down, whether they wanted to continue services or close down services,” Councilwoman Jan Martin, who sponsored the ballot measure, tells the Gazette, adding, “We certainly will listen and move in that direction.” In Aurora, voters rejected an initiative that would have increased property taxes in order to help libraries, placing four branches at risk of closure, writes the Sentinel. And for the first time in two decades, voters in Boulder County rejected a measure to fund open-space acquisitions, reports the Daily Camera.