Few details were released last week with the news that the University of Colorado, as part of its new affiliation with the Pac-12, would earn more than $200 million in television revenues over the next decade. Now, CU athletic director Mike Bohn says the school will earn $20.8 million in the first year of the 12-year deal, which will increase by five percent annually, up to a whopping $33 million in 2023 (Denver Post).

The school is also reportedly working on an agreement with the Creative Artists Agency, a Los Angeles–based company that represents some of the biggest names in media and sports (including some guy named Carmelo Anthony). The partnership is intended to help CU better brand itself now that the school can ostensibly afford to pay for such things.

One thing CU shouldn’t pay for, writes the Daily Camera, is the return of a baseball team. A lot of Buffs fans thought the new TV contract meant the school would have enough dough to revive the baseball program (a handful even created a Facebook page), but the school has plenty of other expenses that need to be reconciled, namely paying off loans used to buy out fired coaches and paying the fees charged for leaving the Big 12. The Post‘s Mark Kiszla adds one more: players. You know, the kids who actually generate all that TV money.