The hits keep on coming for the University of Colorado football team. Reeling after their sixth loss of the year and constantly having to defend the state of the program, they now have one more issue to deal with: Darrell Scott, the nation’s highest-recruited running back two years ago, walked out on the team yesterday, notifying coaches via text message that he isn’t coming back, reports Boulder’s Daily Camera.

Scott had just 23 carries for 96 yards and no touchdowns all year, with the speedy Rodney Stewart getting the bulk of the work at tailback this year. Scott is apparently headed to UCLA to be with his uncle Josh Smith, another Buff who transferred off the team earlier this year.

ESPN doesn’t think Scott’s decision is all that surprising, considering a rash of injuries recently and a lack of playing time behind Stewart. That’s part of it, but let’s remember that Scott turned down national powerhouses like Texas, Florida, LSU, Michigan, and Penn State for CU. He likely thought he’d be competing at a higher level, but CU has been steadily circling the drain for some time now.

Just yesterday, I pointed out the trials of CU’s athletic director, who is trying to woo new fans and placate an increasingly upset alumni base to keep the dollars flowing. That job just got a lot harder.