When Paris to Hollywood: The Fashion and Influence of Véronique and Gregory Peck opens at the Denver Art Museum on March 14, we’ll gain insights into how clothing can define an era—which made us wonder how COVID-19 will be remembered in couture. Here, we recap the accoutrements of our (quarantine) lives.

March 2020
Ah, what sweet summer children we were, with our freshly manicured nails, professionally trimmed hair, and DIY masks that were going to help us flatten the curve before summer.

April 2020
Was the virus on our hands? Our hair? Our groceries? None of us was sure, and we were not taking any chances. So we treated every trip to the store like we were headed to Chernobyl.

June 2020
Sales of loungewear (often tie-dyed—for positive vibes) continued to soar when we accepted our offices weren’t reopening anytime soon. The best part was, as we craftily donned dress shirts before Zoom meetings, our co-workers never knew we’d completely given up.

August 2020
Our confidence spiked along with the temperature, as (slightly) lower infection rates prompted us to convene, socially distanced, outdoors. Still, safety was the new black, so masks matching our outfits became our most important accessories.

October 2020
Halloween was upon us, but ghosts seemed much less scary compared to yet another spike in coronavirus cases. Were we wearing a costume under the weighted blankets we wrapped ourselves in? Did it matter?

December 2020
Outdoor-only restaurant seating in Denver gave “dress for dinner” a whole new meaning. Turns out, eating in a ski jacket wasn’t so bad, though grasping utensils in our mittens got a bit clumsy.

March 2021
Instagram feeds are flooded with vaxxies—selfies taken while getting the vaccine—and we’ll be decked out in our finest when we get inoculated this month (fingers crossed). That’s right, winged eyeliner: We haven’t forgotten about you.

This article was originally published in 5280 March 2021.
Angela Ufheil
Angela Ufheil
Angela Ufheil is a Denver-based journalist and 5280's former digital senior associate editor.