There was just enough snow yesterday to make the morning commute a “giant mess,” as Fox 31 reported. Contributing to the problem: 20 percent of Denver’s roadways are considered congested. But that’s not as bad as it sounds—comparatively speaking.

Of 30 U.S. metro areas, the Mile High City is among the least congested, according to a report by TomTom NV, which sells electronic navigational devices for cars (via the Denver Business Journal). Seattle, which is number one on the list, is 43 percent congested, followed by Los Angeles (38 percent), Chicago, and Montgomery County, Maryland (37 percent each).

A roadway is considered congested, according to the report, if drivers are only able to travel at 70 percent of the speed limit or less, and if an average one-hour commute includes 20 minutes or more of delays. Minneapolis-St. Paul has the least congestion at 17 percent.

Meanwhile, several cities and Boulder County aim to improve the commute in their neck of the woods by cooperating to make improvements on Colorado Highway 93, notes The Denver Post.