Eric Williams Sr., a former boyfriend to Shely Lowe and the father of two of her children, provided shocking testimony yesterday that little Aarone Thompson died during a bath and that her father, Aaron Thompson, helped bury her. During Aaron Thompson’s trial in the disappearance of the girl, Williams said that Lowe told him in January 2004 that she “was giving Aarone a bath. Aarone just up and stopped breathing. She told me she tried to bring the child back to life but couldn’t” (via 7News). But it wasn’t until November 14, 2005 that Aarone was reported missing by her father, who is facing myriad charges. Williams added that Lowe lied about Aarone’s disappearance because she was worried she might lose custody of her other children. He additionally testified that Lowe, who died of heart failure in 2006, told him that she and Thompson buried the girl in a field (via The Associated Press). Meanwhile, a sheriff’s deputy testified that Thompson provided one of Aarone’s baby dolls to help dogs search for her body, which has never been recovered (via CBS4). The trial, which began last week, could take up to nine weeks.