I haven’t seen this written in a public bathroom stall for a while, but it’s worth noting this morning: “Beam me up Scotty. There’s no intelligent life down here.” Colorado Springs police are on the hunt for a masked robber who struck two 7-11 convenience stores armed with a Klingon sword–yes, as in a sword you would see on “Star Trek.” Incredibly, clerks in separate stores were Trekkies and recognized the Klingon weapon as a (insert sinister voice) “Bat’leth,” according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. Seriously, the traditional Klingon sword of honor–about a meter long, shaped like a crescent, and “composed of baakonite metal”–looks like it can do some real damage, according to StarTrek.com. Detectives are now inquiring at favored Trekkie shopping outlets in hopes of tracking down the Bat’leth robber.