As James Dobson, the man who founded the conservative Focus on the Family ministry in Colorado Springs, stepped down from his pulpit and Focus-produced radio show to start an independent radio program with his son, Ryan, one question lingered: How would Focus proceed without him? The path is now becoming apparent. Focus’ approach will be less stern, much more touchy-feely. As the Colorado Springs Gazette writes: “Dr. Phil and Oprah, look out. Here comes Yvette Maher.” Maher has launched a new Webcast called “Your Family–Live,” a two-hour program formatted like a daytime talk show that includes everything from heart-wrenching human stories to humor. “It is a new day for Focus,” says Maher, Focus’ senior vice president of family and community. “We will talk about anything and everything.” The show aims to reach a younger audience, particularly new parents, and will stay away from hot-button issues that were Dobson favorites, including abortion and gay marriage.