It’s hardly comparable to the Gulf oil spill—and its devastating impacts on birds and wildlife—but workers with Denver Parks and Recreation are using oil to coat goose eggs in order to keep them from hatching (via 9News). It is a process known as “addling,” which is sanctioned by the state Division of Wildlife as a humane way to control geese populations. The city has been doing it for years, according to a spokeswoman. She estimates hundreds of nests have been treated this year to deal with the overpopulation of geese in the parks, which is partly caused by people feeding the birds. Overpopulation of geese may lead to public health issues for humans. In Boulder, city officials do not allow addling because a wildlife protection ordinance prohibits it. Meanwhile, parts of Colorado have been added to a federal agriculture conservation program where farmers are paid not to grow crops in order to protect varieties of prairie birds (via The Associated Press).