In terms of well-being, the top five U.S. states are (in order): Utah, Hawaii, Wyoming, Colorado, and Minnesota. That’s according to new research that suggests states with more tolerant residents who tend to be wealthier and better educated are happier on average. Having mountains tends to help, as well, states research by England’s University of Cambridge (via LiveScience).

But take it with a grain of salt, says researcher Jason Renfrow: “These results don’t say wealthy people are happier than unwealthy people, [or that] people who live in areas where people are wealthy are happier.”

The survey also adds confusion to the findings of a recent study by the American Psychological Association, which concluded that more than one third of Denver residents consider their stress extreme. In several categories of that study, Denverites logged more stress than the national average. Perhaps the rest of Colorado balances Denver out.