If your car has ever been photographed by one of those red-light or radar machines—generating recessionary revenue from taxpayers one minor infraction at a time—you may be angry to hear that Colorado’s senators and representatives are mostly immune to the ticketing systems. Face the State reports that because their special license plates are issued by the state and not a DMV, they are not connected to a vehicle’s registration information. Lawmakers carry their regular plates inside their cars in case they are pulled over by a law enforcement officer, but they can nevertheless evade red-light and radar machines.

Although the elected officials are not required to accept the special plates—which are free and issued at the beginning of each legislative session—FTS notes they were affixed to most vehicles in the legislators’ parking lot on a recent trip to the Capitol. One proposed designer plate wasn’t so popular with some lawmakers, however. A small group of Republicans have killed the idea for a “Protect Our Rivers” license plate, writes Out There Colorado.