animation_06Quite possibly the coolest car company in North America–sports-car start-up Lightning Hybrids–got a big boost from the Loveland city council this week: The company will receive $100,000 to help create 300 jobs by 2013, and the jobs will pay between $48,000 and $65,000 a year, higher than average for Larimer County. The Loveland-based company aims to manufacture 6,000 cars annually by 2013, according to the Northern Colorado Business Report. The incentive, meant to help the city during recession, provides $50,000 up front and the other $50,000 so long as the company is able to show it is making progress, reports the Loveland Reporter-Herald. Recently, Wired’s Autopia featured a car, which debuted at this year’s Denver Auto Show, with Corvette-like curves that can get up to 100 miles per gallon and still do zero to 60 in under six seconds. Lightning Hybrids should find a decent customer base in Denver, where traffic is among the worst in the nation–13th in 2009–according to a Texas Transportation Institute report (via 9News).