Vonn, Lindsey_2Vail’s Lindsey Vonn suffered a setback in Austria yesterday in her chase for a World Cup title, after she took a hard spill and injured her left arm.

The New York Times writes that doctors don’t think her arm is broken, calling it a “swelling or edema in the bone,” and saying Vonn could race if she’s up for it. That’s good, because a major injury would be a big setback for the downhill skier, who is in first place overall in the World Cup standings (via FIS-Ski.com).

Vonn apparently made it to the hill today but struggled, reports the Associated Press. She says she’s in a lot of pain but never considered skipping the race, adding that yesterday’s fall has a lot more impact that a simple arm injury. Every time she passes a gate, it hits her wrist and sends pain into the arm, her ribs, and pretty much the entire left side of her body.

Skiing with this type of pain isn’t necessarily new for Vonn, who spent the final part of last year skiing with a protective apparatus on her right thumb after cutting a tendon on a broken champagne bottle. This year’s injury is a bit more intense, she admits, but at least she can say she earned it on the slopes.