Balloon Boy CostumeThe storm that dumped loads of snow on Colorado has moved out of the Denver area and is now headed east, but there are plenty of closures and icy roads (via 9News). Still, the worst is over—just in time for the Halloween weekend, with its possible Mall Crawlers and Naked Pumpkin Runners. That news will be music to the ears of Stephen Cooper, a missile-defense instructor who has synchronized 68 plastic, light-up pumpkins to music as part of a $6,000 Halloween show of sound and light in his front yard, writes the Colorado Springs Gazette. Meanwhile, kids aren’t as scary as they used to be on Halloween, notes The New York Times in an article that points to the apprehension of schools these days to permit anything that could be construed as a weapon. Various school districts have encouraged kids to dress as historical characters or food items. Or perhaps Balloon Boy? One Canadian company has manufactured such a costume (pictured), with a price tag of $19.99, according to 7 KLTV in Texas. And despite the recession, haunted houses, including one that CNN visited in Aurora, are doing a booming biz. Haunted houses not your thing? Hit up our list of recommendations for Halloween fun.