Denver police are seeking more victims after a daycare aide at the Children’s Center at Park Hill United Methodist Church was accused of sexually assaulting children. The center, located on the 5200 block of Montview, has been shut down by the state in the wake of the allegation against Benjamin Janicki, according to CBS4. The Reverend John Thompson, who notes that the center opened 27 years ago, says Janicki was “a summer hire” who “went through the process everyone else would go through in terms of clearing them for employment, and he had no record; there was no records of arrest or anything else.” Colorado Department of Human Services officials closed the center after discovering “serious and significant supervision issues,” writes The Denver Post. Janicki, an alumnus of the daycare, was arrested last week and is so far accused of assaulting two girls. Parents have been told the victims are most likely three- and four-year-old girls, and that there may be between three and 12 of them. Court documents cited by 9News indicate a young girl told her parents Janicki “licked and tickled” her.