It’s no secret that Coloradans fancy themselves beer drinkers. Turns out, we’re somewhat average when it comes to throwing back cold ones. At least according to a new report by the Beer Institute, a trade organization that represents the U.S. beer industry. The institute recently ranked all 50 states and the District of Columbia by the number of gallons of beer consumed per capita. On average, Coloradans each consumed 30 gallons of beer (approximately 330 12-ounce cans) in 2012, which was good enough for a surprisingly low 24th. So, which state drank the most suds last year? What about the least? Here, according the report, the top and bottom five beer-drinking states.

Top Five

1. North Dakota (45.8 gallons)

2. New Hampshire (43.9 gallons)

3. Montana (41.0 gallons)

4. South Dakota (38.9 gallons)

5. Wisconsin (36.2 gallons)

Bottom Five

47. Maryland (23.2 gallons)

48. New York (22.4 gallons)

49. New Jersey (22.4 gallons)

50. Connecticut (22.1 gallons)

51. Utah (20.2 gallons)

Image courtesy of Shutterstock