helton-todd1The Colorado Rockies extended their latest winning streak to four games last night, beating a solid Atlanta Braves team, 7-6. This win puts the team just a half game behind the San Francisco Giants for the National League Wild Card, notes The Denver Post. Despite that status, do you really love Rockies star first baseman Todd Helton? That’s one of the possible “myths” about Colorado that a Longview News-Journal columnist set out to debunk for his Texas readers. First, he checked on the thin-air theory, disbelieving it until he climbed the stairs at Coors Field and found himself gasping for 10 minutes. He then took on the long-held and much-discussed notion that Coloradans dislike Texans, a point that was apparently shot down by a waitress, a bartender, and a car-rental salesman. Finally, he checked in on the “myth” that John Elway, Patrick Roy, and Todd Helton are loved in Colorado. His conclusion? “Don’t say anything bad about Elway, Roy or Helton in a Colorado crowd.”