The damage tally from the recent tornadoes and hail storms is at $161 million, making the string of nasty weather the fifth costliest in Colorado’s history, according to the Denver Business Journal, which cites preliminary data from about 34,000 insurance claims starting on June 8, when a tornado struck the Southlands shopping center in Aurora.

Meanwhile, north of Denver, Larimer County’s alert system failed to notify many residents in Fort Collins that a huge storm was coming earlier this week, reports the Coloradoan, which writes that authorities are so far perplexed by the problem.

As the storms subside, wildfire season is just around the corner, and things could be bad. Officials warn that the “Katrina of the West” (aka pine beetle infestation) increases Colorado’s risk for catastrophic fires, leading to pleas for help in managing the issue, according to The Associated Press.