Jeralyn has done a great job providing updates on the Darrent Williams murder case, including the revelation that the vehicle used in the drive-by shooting had been recovered. A crime like this is no laughing matter, to be sure, but I have to admit I got a chuckle out of seeing how the probable assailants attempted to camouflage their vehicle (check out this link for a picture). Police put out an all-points bulletin yesterday for a white Chevy Tahoe SUV with a specific license plate number. The vehicle was discovered early this morning when someone called in a description to the police after seeing it abandoned in Northeast Denver. Given the appearance of the SUV, it’s amazing it wasn’t found even sooner. It wasn’t a hard vehicle to spot. The SUV had been painted a dark gray – as was the rear license plate – but it looked like it was colored with a bunch of magic markers. Conspicuously enough, the roof of the SUV and the front license plate were not painted, perhaps because they ran out of Sharpies. This bizarre attempt to disguise a wanted vehicle probably had the exact opposite effect; there are thousands of white SUVs in Denver, but there aren’t a lot of cars that look like something a kindergartner might draw.