It has indeed been a crazy year for bears. One recently went ballistic on a horse in Aurora, and Aspen has been inundated with agitated bears. In some cases, the bears have been shot. Of course, the furry creatures don’t mean any harm. They’re just looking for food—in all the wrong places. And Aspen’s Main Street Bakery is sending that message via a high-voltage, low-amp, electrified mat installed near its outdoor freezer by owner Bill Dinsmoor, writes the Glenwood Springs Post Independent. “The two bears tormenting me all summer are totally gone,” Dinsmoor says, adding that one of his neighbors recently watched as a bear attempted to forage in the freezer but was jolted several times over 15 minutes before giving up. The only thing Dinsmoor and his employees have to do is remember to wear shoes when they’re on the mat, which is called “The Wrangler,” a product specially manufactured for $80. As Dinsmoor says, if you’re wearing shoes, the mat isn’t too dangerous, but “if I was barefoot or peed on it, I’d get shocked.”