Julie Ann Kilgore managed to survive a harrowing incident involving her on-and-off boyfriend of 35 years, Dennis Gene Cox, who kidnapped her from her Brighton home at gunpoint last week with the intent of eventually shooting her, writes The Denver Post. For four days and three nights, Kilgore was shuffled around, bound and handcuffed, threatened with a gun and a Taser, and repeatedly raped. But the 48-year-old Brighton nurse managed to stay calm and never antagonized the 50-year-old Cox, making only a simple plea on New Year’s Day morning. “I said, ‘I haven’t done anything [to escape]. I’ve been good,'” she says. She was able to convince Cox to leave her alone in their Laramie hotel room, and Cox was later shot to death in a confrontation with Fort Collins authorities.

Kilgore’s father, Ray, tells 7News that when his daughter took her seven-year-old niece home, Cox had been waiting. And statements from Kilgore’s niece led authorities to discover Kilgore’s kidnapping early on, 9News points out. Meanwhile, in another domestic violence case, a 39-year-old Longmont man, Garrett Odel Brierly, is facing an attempted murder charge after he came close to killing his ex-girlfriend during a game of “Russian Roulette,” according to Boulder’s Daily Camera.