It’s hard to characterize north Boulder’s streets as harsh and deadly, but they are in the mind of a vet who was amazed by the story of Andrew Newman’s black Labrador, Scout. The dog went missing about a month ago, darting off terrified after being hit by a car that knocked off her collar and tags, writes Boulder’s Daily Camera. But Scout wasn’t far from home. Tanya Kaplan, who was biking on a trail just two blocks from Newman’s house, recognized Scout from a flier posted by Newman. She called Newman, who went to the area in search of Scout. “And when I turned around, there she was, looking right at me and wagging her tail,” Newman says, adding, however, that Scout was hard to recognize initially. She had lost about 12 pounds and had bite marks on her body, a chipped tooth, and a broken toe. A vet, impressed that Scout survived north Boulder’s mountain lions and coyotes, stitched up the dog. Newman has since ordered a GPS collar that is able to track Scout’s movements. As for Kaplan, she was delighted to be of help and refused a $500 reward, according to 7News.