cordovaPueblo’s politicians are playing defense after southern Colorado’s News 5/30 used a hidden camera to show county commissioner John Cordova (pictured top) playing golf and drinking beer during work. Commissioner Anthony Nuñez (bottom) was taped at a tavern he owns supervising a beer delivery. As Pueblo’s Chieftain reports, the investigation “left the commissioners red-faced and facing questions about whether their jobs merit the $87,000 a year salary the Legislature has set, the cars the county has provided commissioners for years, and whether county rules about drinking and driving are different for commissioners as compared to nunezemployees.” As one longtime county politico puts it, “From all the people I talked to, it just looked bad.” Meanwhile, just north of Pueblo, in Colorado Springs, Mayor Lionel Rivera has been at the center of an ethics probe for his alleged business ties to the developer of the new U.S. Olympic Committee facilities. Now there’s another problem: The panel conducting the investigation–the Independent Ethics Commission–is facing scrutiny, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports.