The state of Colorado is strapped for cash, and now the state is strapping its residents—at least those who own vehicles—with a new slew of fees meant to repair highways. While it’s nice to think that a pothole won’t kill your transmission on your way to the unemployment office, Division of Motor Vehicles officials say they’ve been dealing with a lot of angry people lately. “People are irate about the fees, but it’s a state law. We just collect them,” a clerk kindly explains to the Summit Daily News. Such responses don’t seem to ease the tension, however. Now the fees, which average $32 per vehicle, have created a new job—security. Jefferson County has spent $50,000 to hire off-duty police to provide guards at three offices, writes The Denver Post, reporting that the idea is spreading. But this was on the horizon months ago, as Panorama’s A.J. Vicens reported for the Columbine Courier.