It seems like every other day Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall says something different about his return to the team next season. Now, he’s telling The Denver Post he’s learned something from all the ups and downs of last season, admitting his behavior was “unprofessional.” This year he wants to take a different approach of “going with the flow” and following whatever direction the Broncos want to take.

It sounds good, but Mile High Report isn’t buying it, and writer John Bena thinks Marshall is only shirking his responsibilities in the matter, putting “the team in a tough spot.” Marshall wins either way (if he can fly straight): If the Broncos decide to pay him and extend his contract, he gets more money and the deal he wants. If the Broncos don’t and let him get away, he can legitimately claim he tried to work it out, but the Broncos moved him.

In another article, the Post reports that it’s very likely Marshall has played his last game in Denver. Former Broncos great Shannon Sharpe says it’s clear Marshall and Broncos coach Josh McDaniels have a strained relationship, but it’s not clear how or if they can mend it.

Marshall’s recent comments are likely the result of instructions from his agent, notes Pro Football Talk, which points out that no team is likely to offer him a long-term deal because he has such “a high degree of knucklehead factor.” Let’s just hope Marshall doesn’t go all Terry Tate on anyone (in a nod to great Super Bowl commercials from the past).