Up in the high country, the reusable-shopping-bag trend has caught on, and the Colorado Association of Ski Towns is sponsoring a challenge to spur the use of such bags to lessen the impact of paper and plastic on the environment. Humble Basalt is leading the charge, writes the Aspen Daily News, with Summit County, Granby/Winter Park/Fraser, Vail, and Aspen following. John Miller, who owns grocery-delivery company VailDelivery.com, is doing his part to make Vail a role model for reusables, reports the Vail Daily. He’s invested in 2,000 bags and seems committed to using even more when he starts a delivery biz in Aspen this fall. Meanwhile, you don’t have to actually spend money on a reusable bag: 5280’s Cheap Thrills blog recently provided tips on how to make your own.