As many kids head back to school after a much-too-short summer break, children at Eagle Place Townhomes in Lafayette learned that they would be allowed to play outside again without supervision. That’s because the Uptight Powers That Be at the townhome development have backed down from their initial position that “all children are required to be supervised at all times,” according to 9News, which cites a letter to residents noting that injuries to kids and vandalism are concerns in the area: “Each time we find a child unattended they will be instructed to go home until an adult can accompany them outside.” That made Jeremy Carlisle, a resident with two kids, ages four and nine, feel like his community was a prison, writes the Colorado Daily. “It’s summertime,” he says. “Kids should be outside. It’s just ridiculous.”

Amid complaints like Carlisle’s and growing questions about the legality of the policy, Riverstone Residential property management, the corporation that issued the letters, has backed down: “The notice was a reaction to an incident where a child was harmed outside on the property and a parent couldn’t be located in a timely manner. We want our residents to be safe and to minimize dangers. So we simply recommend children be supervised whenever possible by a responsible adult for their own safety.” So, kids, now that summer’s almost over, you can go outside and play again.