Perhaps you want to take this next bit of information with a grain of salt because it comes from a survey commissioned by Princess Cruises. Or perhaps you’ll be inspired to book a trip to some paradise far away from your hectic life in Denver just as Princess would like you to do. The survey ranks Denver as America’s sixth “most stressed-out” city, just behind Chicago, Houston, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Diego (via the Denver Business Journal).

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, focuses on “life balance” issues, such as finances, workload, fitness, technology, family life, and vacation plans, finding that financial stress and the glum economic picture are causing imbalance at a time when people crave better pay, want to be more organized, seek better health and fitness, and should take more breaks and vacations.

Yet, just one in four Americans will use all of their vacation days this year, many citing work-related reasons as to why they’re cutting back.

Meanwhile, Metropolitan State College of Denver professor Harvey Milkman writes in Psychology Today that some people actually seek stress—including doing dangerous stuff like breaking all the rules to join the Mile High Club—for the rush of hormones and exciting neurotransmission in their bodies and brains. For some, stress can be better than dope, he writes.