michael_bennet_71The economy has become so rough in some places that even dogs are suffering, according to the Greeley Tribune. But their owners might be wondering how much President Barack Obama really is doing about it.

Obama makes a case for himself in a letter to The Washington Post that was published over the weekend, and as The New York Times notes, the president is doing what he can to maintain public support for his agenda and stimulus spending amid rising unemployment and an economic downturn steeper than what the White House initially thought.

The political climate may make it tough for Obama to shore up Democratic support, especially among those, like U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, who are running for office next year. The situation “makes everything a little harder,” Bennet tells the Times.

Meanwhile, on the latest episode of Colorado State of Mind, locals (including 5280’s Daniel Brogan) weigh in on Obama’s job so far.