We should be used to this by now: When it comes to the Colorado Rockies this season, almost every bit of good news is tempered by either a mediocre performance or missed opportunities.

So it went for Colorado in Pittsburgh this weekend, where the Rox managed to pull out two wins in four games against one of baseball’s worst teams.

Yesterday’s 8-4 win puts the Rockies more than six games back in the division, but just four-and-a-half games back in the National League wild-card chase (via MLB.com).

The Rockies could have taken three of four from the Pirates but were on the wrong end of Saturday night’s 10th-inning walk-off home run, giving the Pirates an 8-7 win (recap also via MLB.com). The Rockies head to New York for a three-game set against the Mets starting Tuesday night to see if they can keep it going.

One of the few reasons the Rockies are even remotely close to hanging around in the wild-card race is the play of outfielder Carlos Gonzalez (pictured). The guy is on fire, going 24-48 with eight home runs and 15 RBIs over his last 11 games, points out The Denver Post.

“I thought I had seen someone that hot before, but after today, I would say no,” says Rockies pitcher Joe Beimel. “He’s ridiculous. It’s like a video game.”

It helps that shortstop Troy Tulowitzki hits right behind CarGo in the lineup, and he’s also been hot since coming back from a broken left wrist. Tulo has 19 hits and 12 RBIs in the 12 games since he’s returned from the disabled list, notes Purple Row.